Just another day in paradise

Just another day in paradise

I am reacting to something I saw yesterday, this was a paid-for post that appeared when opening a new browser window on Firefox (My browser of choice) on my Ipad. I had a look just but it has disappeared and I can’t find it, anyway, the top line is ‘How much exercise does it take for anti-aging to be effective’ or words to that effect and the conclusion was that somehow the aging was caused by a thing called “Telomeres” at the end of our DNA strands, these become shorter as we age and offer less protection from basically, wearing out, however, apparently if we partake in exercise we can strengthen and lengthen our telomeres to stop us from getting old. It seems that this article was scientifically based and that over a 3000 people had been tested and the conclusion is that moderate and no exercise has no effect on the Telomeres and only those who partake in hard physical exercise on a regular basis can derive any benefit! This means of course most of the population (According to this article), I, for one do not believe it

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