Swallows fly the nest

Over the weekend and despite the dreadful British summer, the offspring to the pair of Swallows that nest in our outbuildings every year took to the air! This is good news for us all, firstly the Swallows themselves because they have had another successful year flying all the way from Africa just so their children can have a British passport and for me because I can continue to work in the room they have adopted as their home for the maternity visit this year. The room incidentally is going to be my office/studio and is featured in an earlier post nattily titled  – 6 Things you can do to help you reclaim the life you had before you became “Dad”  here  http://wp.me/p2tHwz-6L

Although they have officially flown the nest they generally hang round for a good few weeks after getting fed and getting used to feeding themselves, here they are resting  in the family home after a regular swallows day …

“I hope she’s not going to post that on facebook, the lighting’s terrible”



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