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So you’ve had this guitar lying around for years and every year you say to yourself  “I must learn how to play that oneday”,  or maybe you think that with the kids dinner, lunches and the school run you would never have time to apply yourself to the daily practice. Well the good news is, you don’t need to spend a long time every day to make progress,  I can show you how to be playing the guitar from the first introductory lesson, there is no “Oneday” as far as I know in the week, Monday, Tuesday maybe but not oneday, there is definitely TODAY so contact me now and we can start off your musical adventure into one of the most musically rewarding instruments there is.


The open mind and ability to learn really quickly possessed by younger students means that they have to be engaged from the start with goals that will  give them good feedback instantly as their minds do not tend to look to the long term. There fore our teaching is specially geared for the smallish person’s individual personality. We also have the option of you having lessons in your own home to save on parents time.

Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced there will always be room to move forward. If you find yourself stuck or unable to think where you are going or just need help with a certain technique, every individual student will have their long, medium and short term goals assessed,  a program can then be worked out between us to implement the strategy which will achieve those milestones in the most effective way.

So you think you’ll not have the time to dedicate to practice.

You think you are tone deaf.

You think your hands are too small or even too big

You are too old

You are too young

You don’t have any sense of rhythm.

You don’t have a guitar but you would like to try before spending any money

You want to accompany yourself playing songs

You want to play like (*********) insert your own hero here

You want to be good enough to play in a band

You have had lessons before but never got on with the teacher

You had lessons before but never made any progress

You can play already but have hit a wall and need to get over it

You can play a few chords but want to know how to do fingerpicking