Hello and welcome, I am Pete Przyszlak ertswhile performer, writer and blogger. I have acquired  many skills through my life’s journey and these include guitar playing and teaching, song writer, builder, writer and carpenter; father, cook, then I have the day job of which includes another set of skills that are mainly concerned with testing and commissioning particle characterization instruments, but that’s another story…
This blog is :-

There were a number of landmark events in 2009/2010 that actually jolted me into the realization that if I did not do something now, I would be retiring in a few years with a crap pension and loads of unfulfilled dreams.
The Landmark events were:-
1.  20 years service award, For this I got a card signed by the directors and £200 pounds!
2. 30 years service at our current residence, for this we got……a basket of fruit!            *see note below
3. The realization that there was no longer a career path where I work and that I would have to do something fairly drastic soon to provide myself  with a decent income for the rest of my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                           **see note below
* We live – my family, two daughters and partner – in what could be referred to as a tied cottage, partner doing the housekeeping  and gardening in exchange for rent and rates.
** The Salary I receive is if we believe what you hear on the radio “Average” for the whole of the UK. The pension I can look forward to is  derisory.
Guitartisan, a made up namedefinition of   –  A mixture of two words

1. Guitar – Instrument of the chordophone family being a stringed  instrument played by plucking either with the fingers (With or without nails or finger picks) or a pick or Plectrum (held usually between the thumb and index finger). Although this Wikipedia definition is now a little outdated as some well known and highly regarded guitar players merely use a tapping technique and this leads us into another branch of the infinite styles of playing the guitar. This site will hopefully lead us to all styles of playing and maybe even find some new ones!

2. Artisan – Skilled manual worker,  a crafts person  [Probably French, from Italian artigiano, from Vulgar Latin* artitiānus, from Latin artītus, skilled in the arts past participle of artīre, to instruct in the arts, from ars, art-, art.] {Dictionary.com}

I think this name is  entirely fitting for a guitar teacher, but, it applies to me in other modes as well because I am also a builder and carpenter currently finishing a barn conversion to move into this year, occasional gardener, keeper of chickens, cook and my day job involves configuration and testing of scientific instruments.
PS We finally moved in to the “The Bowridge” (our barn conversion) on the winter solstice of 2011, a wet, miserable day at the end of one of the hardest years  we had ever but that is another story. The date was 21/11/12 and if you work out the numerology number it comes to and by all accounts a very auspicious time to start a new phase in our lives being the source – initiating action,  originality, creative are words used to describe this number. This is another beginning.