Spring 2017 A new start
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Spring 2017 A new start

So instead of writing the first thing that comes into your head, try picking a topic or maybe relating something that happened during the day such as “Today I saw the first swallows arrive in our neck of the woods” I think the same families always come back to their nesting site because the ones that return to the horse stables next door always tend to arrive a few days earlier than ours, that being the case then if they are not the same pair why would they not look around for another nesting site such as in our stable? They must like being in familiar surroundings and I suppose that they will always be armed with the layout of the land so they know where the food is, where the mud for the nests is and anything else that a migrant that has just traveled up to three thousand miles could possibly want. I haven’t heard the cuckoo yet.

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