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Work vacation

Let’s try again, apologies for not updating or posting for ages I am in the process of moving home at the moment and although it may sound an excuse I have to say that the house we are moving to is still incomplete and requires me and my partner to finish it! As we both have day jobs it means that we are spending almost all of our other 8 hours in the day working away at building and final finishing. At the moment the daughters’ bedrooms have no plaster on the walls and on one side not even a wall to plaster, one of the outside doors has 9 holes where new double glazed units have to and other things like no guttering down one side of the building, anyway, it has become a major obsession in my life at the moment so most other things are being put on the back burner. This of course means my posting has become less and less and I don’t seem to be able to fit in the video making. I had a problem with the room where I did those anyway and in my next incarnation the room will be brighter and much more conducive to doing great work. Most of my guitar students are now off for the summer anyway and I haven’t progressed with either my singing or classical guitar course.
One of the ideas I have for the website is doing guitar course reviews, and hopefully give you some idea about which courses are worth it and what you might get out of them. Personally I don’t think you can beat one on one coaching for a musical instrument and I think you need to be in the same room as well but we’ll see.
So, for the next two months you probably notice no difference whatever from the last three months because that’s how long I have been focusing on the conversion and as most of the comments I get are spam I am assuming that I don’t get many regular visitors anyway plus the fact that without feedback I am stumbling along blindly.
Life does not stop and our dreams remain despite having more pressing matters to attend to so as long as I keep taking steps toward achieving them I am doing something and doing something is better than doing nothing any day. So I am forgetting the rules, the formatting, the thinking that nothing is good enough and I am just going to keep writing what I can, when I can and that’s what’s coming out here.

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