From a Demo to a release

From a Demo to a release

This series of articles, video’s/audio’s I hope goes some way to remove some of the mystery from the process of going from a rough take to a full blown multi-track production suitable for release.

The actual material I will be working with is a song called “Weathergirl” and was penned by my songwriting collaborator Andrew Brock.

Without explaining too much about the song itself – as it should speak for itself – I suggest you go ahead and listen to the first draft which consists of an acoustic guitar and two tracks of vocal sung by me to get an idea for harmonies and construction.

The whistling part unless of course retained by popular demand I intend to replace with a Guitar Solo. I had idea’s for violin solo also be we shall use what is readily available i.e Me and one (Or two) of my various guitars. I will also add some percussion, not sure what yet but I do have a Korg PADKontroller and some good drum sounds but not sure I can get the light feel necessary for such a breezy sounding song.
I would much appreciate your comments good bad or ugly as I am considering this as a collaboration that could ultimately end up with  many different versions.
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