Reality Checkpoint – Positive and Negative

Reality Checkpoint – Positive and Negative

I am currently involved in a self development course to try and change my habitual habits of not seeing things through and changing my mind before the major change I originally intended has come anywhere near fruition.
It does however now seem  to be working both on a subconscious level and also in my conscious  actions and is self-evident from my output since I have been following the regular daily short video’s.
I have achieved at least some of the tasks that I know I should have done ages ago and persistently but always talked my self out of. The main difference between previous attempts and now is that I actually  feel like doing it instead of just going through the motions and hoping that I would feel better afterwards.
Anyway, the latest two instalments are the the subjects that gave arise to my Reality Checkpoint and are concerned with negative and positive emotions. It is with this simple scoring system that has made me aware that I am not very positive at all! and goes some way to explain why I have never managed to lift myself out of the rut that I seem to have been following for possibly twenty years. Actually this is  a wholly pessimistic outlook as there have been quite a few major accomplishments by myself and my partner within this time period, in fact a lot more than some people manage in a lifetime but what I’m trying to say is that it is a viewpoint on my terms and not other peoples idea of what they think I or themselves should be doing or have done.
To illustrate I will list the emotions and my current score for each one, first the negative….
On a scale from 1 – 10 (1 being “I am in control of me” and 10 being “I am consumed by these emotions”)
Fear –                      3
Jealousy –           5
Hatred –               4
Revenge –           7
Greed –                 2
Superstition – 2
Anger –                7
Total =                  30
Now the positive…
On a scale from 1 – 10 (1 being “I am numb to this emotion” and 10 being “I am in harmony with these emotions”)
Desire –                  3
Faith –                     2
Love –                      1
Sex –                          1
Enthusiasm –    2
Romance –           1
Hope –                     2
Total =                  12
The total scores speak for themselves and it is apparent  that I am more than half consumed with negative emotions!!
I am wondering if this is an average score or am I just individually not a very happy person? I would really like to know where some other members of the tribe come out on this?
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  • Steve June 3, 2010, 11:33 am

    I wonder if it would help you feel more positive to learn that you have had the courage to achieve MY ambitions if not your own!!

    I consider it highly coincidental (except perhaps there is no such thing as coincidence) that I regularly dream of putting my guitar expertise, my self-critical musings and my hopefully more useful spoutings out there on the web (anonymously you understand!!) in the hope that I can improve lives (as well as my own self-esteem) through dispensing knowledge and that through writing down re-gurgitated and simplified understandings of success strategies, visualisation, self-belief etc etc I can hone what I have learned and forgotten into some kind of useful, memorable … thing! An owners’ guide to a Human Being would be my ultimate goal I think, complete with a quick setup guide for those who have never even thought about taking owndership of their being.

    I’d be interested in what you think of this guy; try seeking out Robert Smith (“fastereft”) on youtube for some very interesting videos regarding the application of a tapping-based technique to remove negative emotions from memories. It looks to me to be a wholesome and effective way of cleaning up unhelpul beliefs and releasing emotional blocks. I would genuinely welcome your opinion, though if you’re like me you’ll take far too long, procrastinate, and not reach a definite conclusion.

    Good luck in all you do,

    Keep On Rocking,


  • Pete June 4, 2010, 12:23 am

    Hi Steve,
    A few points to relate to here, the first, yes I do feel a lot more positive after at least taking the first steps towards manifesting my dream although it is in fact MY ambition also and as you say coincidental that we share a similar vision. Don’t let it put you off though, just look how many “Entrepreneur’s” there are in the blogosphere all with similar but individual angles on how to achieve your dreams all offering help and encouragement and making a living from it!
    I think “An owners guide to being a Human being” sounds good to me and if I came across that title on the web, I would probably want to read it.
    I checked out Robert Smith and he seems pretty genuine. I had already been introduced to EFT by a friend of mine a couple of years ago and yes I think it does work to a certain extent – for me anyway – but what Robert specifically points out is that it needs persistence to achieve lasting and big changes and the thing is you can apply this to almost every system of self improvement/development. I think you have to find one that connects with your own particular personality. For me there is no one Ah Ha system but through reading and watching loads of stuff over the last year, I have found my own synergy of methods to keep me going.
    Two things I have found that definitely work for sure are persistence, and getting your subconscious driving you in the right direction, that way you will find yourself compelled to achieve your bigger goals.
    Procrastination is over for me, I am doing (Every day) something that moves me closer to what I have as my clear, mental image. Today I am writing this, yesterday I shot a video and posted it tomorrow I will have a go at tweaking my blog, it doesn’t matter how small each step is, they soon mount up.
    By the way, today is another major milestone of which you are a part, my first officially posted comment!
    Many thanks and ‘may your strings be your heart strings’

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